The Woldring Lab at IQ

Developing high performance therapeutics and diagnostics using novel protein engineering methods

We are currently seeking graduate and post doctoral scholars to join our lab.
Please contact Dr. Woldring at to express your interest.

About Us

The Woldring lab focuses on the discovery and fundamental study of high performance binding proteins having utility as precision medicines, disease diagnostic agents, and fundamental research probes. There is a critical need for such reagents that facilitate the detection and treatment of challenging diseases; however, the rate at which they are developed by the scientific community fails to meet this demand. To address this, our research combines the power of high-throughput yeast surface display selection methods with precise structural and dynamic information. We can then leverage simulations of protein interactions to empower a feedback loop between theory and experiment to elucidate protein evolution.

Current projects include:

  • Biosensor development for detecting cancer targets using tandem proteins
  • Evolving highly versatile binding proteins using ancestral sequence reconstruction
  • Inducing conformational changes in GPCRs via small engineered ligands
  • Elucidating protein-protein interactions by library selection and simulated docking
  • Discovery of clinically and industrially relevant protein sequences with machine learning