Daniel Woldring, PhD

Principal Investigator

Daniel Woldring is an assistant professor in the chemical engineering and materials science department and a member of the Institute for Quantitative Health Sciences and Engineering at Michigan State University. His research expands on the fundamental understanding of protein-protein interactions as a means of exploring complex biological systems and develop novel, effective therapeutics.

Dr. Woldring completed his bachelor’s in chemical engineering at Michigan Technological University. Prior to graduate school, he worked in industry as a process engineer at Marathon Petroleum (Detroit, MI). Dr. Woldring completed his PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota. During this time, he gained expertise in protein engineering and pursued interdisciplinary projects which focused on protein stability and library design, molecular imaging of cancer biomarkers, high-throughput sequence analysis software, and exploring the behavior of metastatic tumors. Later, as a postdoctoral fellow for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Brandeis University, his work explored how ancestral enzymes can efficiently evolve under harsh conditions within continuous growth bioreactors.

Dr. Woldring is a native Michigander and is excited to have returned to the Great Lakes State. Outside of the lab, Dr. Woldring and his wife (Carolyn) enjoy raising their son (Harrison) and dog (Ada). In the winter months, you will find the Woldring family in the Jenison Field House cheering on the MSU Wrestling Team.

Email: woldring [at]

Sunanda Dey

Graduate Student

Sunanda has a BS in chemical engineering from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (Kolkata, India). Her research uses protein engineering principles to design electrochemical biosensors which detect aggressive diseases.

Email: deysunan [at]

Mehrsa Mardikoraem

Graduate Student

After completing her BS in chemical engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran, Iran), Mehrsa’s research explores rationally-guided library design for the discovery of high performance therapeutic and diagnostic proteins.

Email: mardikor [at]

Sam Schmidt

Graduate Student

Sam has BS from UIUC in Materials Science and Engineering.

Email: [at]

Navya Ramesh

Graduate Student

Navya has graduated with Bachelors of Engineering from PES University, India. Her research area aligns in Machine learning aspects of protein engineering in designing a high binding affinity protein library.

Email: tippanan[at]

James VanAntwerp

Undergraduate Researcher

James is an undergraduate student pursuing dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. His research within the Woldring Lab will focus on ancestral sequence reconstruction and developing techniques for next-gen sequence analysis.

Email: vanant25 [at]

Zirui Wang

Undergraduate Researcher

 Ray graduated from MSU with a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 2019. Now he is working in the Woldring lab on computational protein-ligand docking.

Email: wangzir [at]

Benedikt Dolgikh

Undergraduate Researcher

Ben graduated from MSU with BS Genomics and Molecular Genetics in 2019. He is on directed evolution of the HaloTag protein through computational and wet lab approaches.

Email: dolgikhb[at]

Theodore Belecciu

Undergraduate Researcher

Theo is an undergraduate freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering. He is working on docking simulations of various phytochemicals with Sars CoV-2 proteins with Zirui Wang.

Email: dolgikhb[at]

Alaina Young

Undergraduate Researcher

Laina is an undergraduate researcher.

Email: younga59[at]

Claudia Kramer

Undergraduate Researcher

Claudia is an undergraduate student, 3rd year student in Materials Science Engineering.

Email: kramercl[at]

Yun (Caroline) Cheng

Undergraduate Researcher

Caroline is an undergraduate student in the Chemical Engineering department at MSU. Her research focuses on protein-protein interfaces.

Email: chengy14 [at]

Ada the Dog

Lab Mascot

Ada’s natural habitat is any open field where she is allowed to run free and play fetch. She is easily distracted, but she’s great for lab morale.

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